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    BELLA HOME PRODUCTS-7 - Piece Chef Set

    • A Perfect Carving Set for the Chef in your life. Comes with 2 Mits, Sharpening Steel, Fork, Carving Knife and a Paring Knife. All Knives are Surgical Stainless Steel with Full Tang Construction. Includes Storage/Carry Case


    BERGHOFF-15 - Piece Essentials Forged Cutlery Set with Block

    • Fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, … whatever you need to cut, slice or dice, you'll always have the right knife for the job within reach thanks to this versatile set of high-quality stainless steel knives. The beautiful wooden block contains a paring knife, utility knife, boning knife, multipurpose knife, bread knife, chef's knife, a pair of poultry shears, 6 steak knives and a sharpening steel. Each knife has an ergonomic, triple riveted handle and a sharp blade that glides right through your food. Set includes 1x 3.75" paring knife, 6x 4.75" steak knives, 1x 5" utility knife, 1x 6" boning knife, 1x 7.5" serrated santoku knife, 1x 8" bread knife, 1x 8" chef's knife, 1x 8" sharpener, 1x 10" a pair of poultry shears, 1x wooden block


    BERGHOFF-4 Piece Classico Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

    • Everyone needs a great knife set and BergHOFF's Classico 4pc Steak Knife Set fits the bill. Crafted from durable high-quality stainless steel and is corrosion resistant with proper care. The highly polished surface is hard wearing, thick, easy to clean and hygienic. Advanced manufacturing methods plus traditional craftsmanship guarantee flawless product quality. Made of stainless steel blades and ABS handles. Handwash recommended. Set Includes: 4pc steak knives. 


    BERGHOFF-7 - Piece Essentials Triple Riveted Knife Block Set

    • BergHOFF's Essentials 7pc Knife Set with block is a beautiful addition to your kitchen tools.  A solid wooden knife block, supported by a stylish stainless steel stand, and 6 high quality stainless steel knives, together all the elements in this set ensures you are fully prepared for almost every cutting task. Each of the knives has a high-quality stainless steel blade that's hand-sharpened for long-lasting sharpness and an ergonomically designed handle that fits comfortably in your hand. Set comes with 1x 3.25" paring knife, 1x 5" utility knife, 1x 7.5" carving knife, 1x 8" chef's knife, 8" bread knife, 10" utility shears, 1x wooden block 


    BERGHOFF-Forged 7 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

    • BergHOFF's 7pc Forged Stainless Steel Cutlery Set provides the versatility you need for almost any task in the kitchen. Set includes: 8" Chef's knife, 8" Carving knife, 9" bread, 9"utility knife, 7" Santoku knife, 5" utility knife, 3.5" paring knife


    BRENTWOOD-Electric Knife Sharpner

    • The knife sharpener will ensure that your cutting tools are always at peak-performance sharpness! With a 2-Stage sharpening system and handy blade guides, this sharpener will protect and maintain your kitchen knives, ensuring that they last longer and cut better. This easy to use knife sharpener will help you make the most out of your most important kitchen tools!.


    CALPHALON-SharpIN Cutlery Set - (6 Piece)

    • Calphalon classic self-sharpening knives stay sharp for a lifetime. The 6 piece cutlery set features SharpIN™ technology with built-in ceramic sharpeners that automatically sharpen knives with every use. Knives feature high-carbon, no-stain steel.


    GOURMET EDGE-7 - Piece Dual Diamond Non-stick Knife Set

    • Tackle any culinary task in the kitchen with the gourmet edge diamond air blade knife set.  Set includes 6 stunning knives with durable steel blades and a matching universal knife block. The impressive diamond pattern on the blade ensures food doesn't stick so you can slice, chop, and mince with ease. Set includes: storage block, boning knife, chef knife, bread knife, paring knife, fillet knife and utility knife. 


    GOURMET EDGE-Nonstick Nutri Blade Knife Set - (6 Piece)

    • These are professional kitchen chef’s knives with ultra sharp stainless steel blades and nonstick granite coating. Easy-Grip handle, rust-proof, dishwasher-safe, wooden look handle. 


    JA HENCKELS-13 - Piece Modernist Knife Block Set

    The 13-piece knife block set is stocked with all the tools you need to easily tackle your kitchen tasks. The set includes the all-rounder chef's knife, which is perfect for chopping herbs and dicing onions and a bread knife that cleanly slices through crusty sourdough. Efficiently mince garlic or slice vegetables with the hollow edge santoku, featuring a blade that has small indentations, known as grantons, that prevent food from sticking while cutting.
    • Set includes 3.5- and 4-inch paring knives, 5-inch serrated utility, 7-inch hollow edge santoku, 8-inch chef's, 8-inch bread knife, 4 x 4.5-inch steak knives, and black hardwood knife block
    • Fabricated from high-quality German stainless steel with a satin-finished blade
    • Fully forged bolster construction for durability, balance, and design
    • Lightweight, ergonomic, stainless steel handle with a fingerprint-proof sandblasted texture that is easy to grip
    • Polished end cap with embossed logo
    • Dishwasher safe


    JA HENCKELS-3 - Piece Colorful Pairing Knife Set

    • This paring knife set offers support for any smaller kitchen tasks. Easily cut peel or core produce. Stamped one-piece blade construction. Handles are hygienic and offer a comfortable grip. High quality stainless steel blades. Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended. Includes: 2.25" Peeling knife. 2.75" Kudamono knife. 3" Paring knife.


    JA HENCKELS-6 - Piece Signature Knife Block Set - (Black)

    • German formulated high carton No Stain steel. Precision stamped blade. FRIODUR blade stays sharper longer and superior resilience. Precision-honed and laser controlled edge. Polymer handles are ergonomic and bonded to the full tang. Triple rivet handle design. 57 Rockwell Hardness for excellent edge retention. Edge angle: 15-degrees per side (Santoku at 10-degrees). 4" Paring knife. 5" Serrated Utility knife. 8" Chefs knife. 9" Sharpening steel. Kitchen shears. 10-Slot Birchwood knife block. Dishwasher safe but recommended hand wash.


    JA HENCKELS-Classic Self-Sharpening Block Set - (15 pc)

    Tackle any kitchen task with always sharp knife set. Sharpen knives when they are removed and replaced from the block. Wood block features a brushed stainless steel cap.
    • Made of high quality no-stain German stainless steel.
    • One-piece precision forged stamped steak knives.
    • Satin-finished blades and triple-riveted handles.
    • Dishwasher safe but recommend hand wash.
    • Includes: 4" Paring knife
    • 5" Serrated Utility knife
    • 5.5" Prep knife
    • 7" HE Santoku knife
    • 8" Chefs knife
    • 8 Steak knives
    • Kitchen shears
    • 14-Slot Self Sharpening block


    JA HENCKELS-Paring Knife Set - (3 Piece)

    •  JA Henckels 3 Piece Paring knife set - Small, light and versatile knife with a slim blade with centre tip and straight cutting edge. Peels, cuts, cleans and garnishes fruit and vegetables. Also suitable for preparing meat and larding.
    • 3 versatile knives with black handles and slim blades
    • Straight cutting edges
    • Blades made of high quality German stainless steel
    • Contoured, ergonomic handles
    • Peels, cuts, cleans, garnishes fruit and vegetables
    • Hygienic, break proof, and dishwasher safe
    • Full warranty


    JOSEPH JOSEPH-5 - Piece Elevate Carousel Set

    • The elevate range of kitchen tools is designed to improve hygiene and reduce mess. Each tool has an innovative weighted handle with an integrated tool rest, ensuring that the head or blade is always raised off the work surface, when placed down. These elevate knives are made from Japanese stainless steel and have ergonomic handles. The knife block rotates for easy selection and features vertical slots that make removing each knife easy, even if stored beneath a cupboard. The knife block Also features a non-slip base. Set contains: 3. 5” Paring knife, 4. 5” serrated knife, 5. 5” Santoku knife, 6. 5” chef’s knife, 8” bread knife, rotating knife block not dishwasher safe. Knives: hand wash only and dry immediately. Carousel: wipe clean with a damp cloth.


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